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> Rules are what seperate us from the apes.

And even with them, some computer users still resemble them ;-) 

> Apes with Internet access, degrees in CS, a working knowledge of
> CVS, an ability to code, mailing list access, and commit bits.

Put a large enough number of apes to type in emacs, and you'll
eventually end up with a kernel, albeit one with a borken VM subsystem

Now to keep on-topic...

> Hell, if it makes things easier for Julian to put in more code,
> then it's OK with me.  He's done the lion's share of work on
> getting KSE into FreeBSD so far (IMO).

Agreed. I also completely agree with what Matt said in another message about
coding style, although it was my idea that it was obvious enough for
everybody already, as per style(9) 

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