When it comes right down to it, I am getting wholely sick and tired
    of people acting like rulez-police and complaining about the most
    minor, most insignificant syntactical changes imagineable.  The
    rest of us developers have better things to do with their time then
    to spend it on a few undistinguished braces that have no
    effect whatsoever on readability or reviewability and, frankly,
    are so insignificant that it doesn't even make sense to commit them

    You don't believe me?  Read Julian's diff and the commit he just
    made and try telling me that it absolutely *HAD* to be a separate
    commit because you wouldn't have been able to read the 
    diff otherwise.  It is an absolutely ridiculuous thought.

    Now if someone was going through files making dozens of syntactical
    changes intermixed with other things then, sure, you could request
    that they be put in separately and I would call it a reasonable request.
    But that is not what is going on here.  Not by a long shot.  We have
    people on this list that complain over the smallest 'infraction' of the
    rules, and then jump up the alleged significance of the event by
    foretelling gloom and doom and the end of all things if the rules are
    not followed exactly to a T.

    It MUST STOP.  It is not good for the development community or the 


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