fbsd wrote:
As a long time reader of this list I did not see any
announcement of it here. Only after selection of the
new logo was made was it talked about on this list.
People were very up set with it them and the ground
swell over this has only gotten bigger.


This has gone too far. Searching shows that the FreeBSD questions list had mention of this over a year ago.


To be blunt about it, you and everyone else had their chance. My wife, a designer, knew FreeBSD had a logo contest and she wouldn't know FreeBSD from a martian if it were not for my T-shirt.

Anyone could have contributed. But like beta testing, most simply ignored the request to participate, preferring to wait until someone else did the hard work and made the tough decisions, then chose to bitch when the result was not want they wanted. It's apathy. Yea, I'm more than annoyed and this has been a long time coming.

How many people actually keep a development server running just to help open source developers test patches or updates, even when those patches and updates do not affect them?

How many donate to the souls who write the tools we use every day? Or do they just read the maillists when they need help, never offering to help others, and then get an attitude when the help they request doesn't arrive? A lot.

I constantly dog my employers to donate, let me have work time to help out on lists, purchase the books (Mailscanner and Rails) that help the developers, keep a development box for testing. They complain even though they could not compete in the market place had they been required to purchase licenses for all the software they use.

The Internet is the industry that open source built, and it has created a society of hand out junkies who think they should get everything their way, for free, right now.

This job isn't fun anymore.


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