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You shouldn't! If you are that taken back - you certainly don't need the
issues of a project that does not deliver on it's promises.

On the other hand - feel free to use Microsoft's products because we all
know that they tend to keep promises AND, as a extra bonus, create an
ultra secure OS that never fails. And as an extra extra bonus - you have
the luxury of paying a poop-load for all that ... and more!

Well... I already did this about 2 months back. After 2 years of
continuous desktop use (primary desktop) I ran into a problem (Xorg
DRI) that just completely burned me out corrupted file system through
multiple hard locks trying to debug FreeBSD). I broke down and
installed XP. The project has lost me as a desktop user. I do really
miss KDE, ports system, and the FreeBSD user tool chain but I cannot
come back, I've already upgraded my desktop hardware beyond that of
FreeBSD's capabilities. My servers are still 100% FreeBSD though...
But I am not sure how much longer this will be true.
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