On Thu, 23 Jan 2003, P. U. Kruppa wrote:
I am looking for a concept to back up some Win2k workstations on
a FreeBSD machine. Can this be done and how?

The approach I use here is to set up
Samba on FreeBSD and run Microsoft Backup
on Windows to backup to a file on the server.
Other Windows backup programs (e.g., Dantz
Retrospect) can also write to files on
a Samba server.

A couple of caveats:

* Use a recent version of Samba.  Prior to 2.0.8,
  Samba did not support files >4GB, and some
  later versions got very slow with large files.
  I'm playing with the beta of 3.0 which
  is very fast with large files.

* Microsoft Backup does no compression.
  You can either use very large hard disks on
  your server (which is what I'm doing now)
  or periodically run a script on the server
  to gzip the backup files.

* You should probably tune the disk for large
  files; read 'man newfs' for details.

Using this setup with 100Mbps Ethernet,
I can backup a Windows workstation with
60GB of data in about 3 1/2 hours over
the network, resulting in a single 60GB
file on the server.  Fortunately, not all
of my Windows machines are this large.  ;-)

Tim Kientzle

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