At 10:43 AM 1.26.2003 -0500, Francisco J Reyes wrote:
>On Thu, 23 Jan 2003, P. U. Kruppa wrote:
>> I am looking for a concept to back up some Win2k workstations on
>> a FreeBSD machine. Can this be done and how?
>This more of a windows question, but here is what I do.
>I use DriveImage from powerquest to make images of my files to a second
>hard drive. Then copy the images to my FreeBSD machine in case the machine
>If only the first drive on the windows box dies I can bring it back up
>with emergency restore. If the whole machine dies (ie both drives) I need
>to install windows, copy images from the FreeBSD machine then boot of
>rescue disks.

I use the VERITAS backup utility that comes with Win2K to backup (file type
backup) directly to a FBSD machine over Samba connection.... retores just

Best regards,
Jack L. Stone,

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