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> On Thu, 23 Jan 2003, Stephen Hilton wrote:
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> > > Hi,
> > >
> > > I am looking for a concept to back up some Win2k workstations on
> > > a FreeBSD machine. Can this be done and how?
> > >
> >
> > Setup a Samba server on the FreeBSD box, then use the native
> > windows backup tools to backup to the Samba share. Archive
> > backups on the FreeBSD/Samba machine to tape/CDRW etc... with
> > tar. If file compression is enabled in the windows backup
> > utility then avoid using compression in your tar command as
> > you will waste a lot of CPU power for very little compression.
> This seems to be the simpliest method, because I already have got
> a running Samba Server. I can do a backup of C: besides some
> files which are locked because they are in use.
> Before I try a crash test:
> How could I do a restore - assuming the worst case: C: is
> completely deleted?
> Do I have to boot the Win2k CD-ROM?

There may be other better methods, anyone ?, but when I 
have done this for W2K systems it is a basic re-install 
from CD then setup networking so I can map the Samba share, 
then restore from the backup on the Samba share. Don't 
forget to backup and restore the "system-state" with the 
W2K tool for total system restores.

If Winders was open-source/non-propriatary then some kind 
programmers would create a program, lets call it "PICO-W2K" 
(no dis-respect meant) and allow you to boot from it and 
perform all sorts of wonderfull config/repair/restore 
functions from a command prompt with all your favorite 
tools available.

Well this thread is digressing further from BSD related 


Stephen Hilton

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