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> HI, thank's for your post.
> to give answer to your answer: i rent a dedicated server (Fedora 6) witch
> has qmail installed on. and in my old Server witch is in our office turn has
> Postfix.
> The new sever has as Admin panel Plesk.
> I already create all email acounts and now i'm looking to transfert all my
> user acount mailboxes.
> and i don't have any idea to do it.

The first thing to consider is what format the existing mailboxes use.
Then make sure you have support for that format in your qmail
installation.  If you don't, then decide whether you can install new
format support on your server.  If you can't, you have to move the
existing mailbox files (from the old server) into whatever format the
qmail server does support (post again if you get to this point).

Is that enough of a guide to get you started?
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