Matthew Emmerton wrote:
Thus spake Daxbert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

The inspiration for this email was from a thread in
-questions: "Re: fsck takes very long after crash/reset"

Is anybody currently working on or does there exist
a JFS for FreeBSD?

Various people (including myself and Hiten Pandya) have done work to port
the GPL'd JFS implementation, but there's one ugly problem -- the GPL.

We can make JFS into a kernel module (avoiding the static-link policy of the
GPL), but then it can only (legally) be used on non-root filesystems, as the
code to read the root filesystem must be statically linked into the kernel.
This in itself makes JFS support somewhat pointless.
Not really. A properly laid-out filesystem hierarchy will result in no writes to / (except for installworld/kernel). That removes the problem that journalling addresses, and is probably why softupdates is disabled by default for /. For large, active filesystems, journalling would be a big improvement when you had to run a foreground fsck.

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