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>> I second this suggestion since my Brother HL-5250DN just-worked once it
>> was plugged into my hub.  It was $179 at Costco a few months back, has 
>> all the features that David mentions, and builtin Postscript|clone.
>> It just prints--nothing fancy--but then hey... .
> Just one warning about these.
> The toner empty light blinks use the same pattern as the
> fuser fail.  And, unlike the HP units, you usually can't
> "shake down" the cartridge to get an extra hundred or
> so pages out of it.  Don't jump to conclusions that the
> fuser is bad when it's out of toner.

Man, this is really going to look like I'm never satisfied, which I guess is
actually true, so why am I worried about that?  thanks to this thread, I found
out about the Brother printers ... my own requirements list includes (color
duplex printer scanner).  I don't need it to be a laser, but I do need both
color, multifunc, and duplex printing.   I spotted the Brother the DCP-9045CDN,
but at $700 list, I begin to wonder if I could find one with the same specs
ESCEPTING it was the cheaper technology of inkjet.  Didn't find a Brother like
that, but I'm not finished looking for used 9045's, and I didn;'t get your
comments about it ... please don't spend time trying to talk me out of features
like color, or duplex, I like both too well.  I might be talked out of it being
multifunction, but it's be a fight for sure.

The reasoning behind going to inkjet is because I'm currently on a tight budget.
 I really would like to pay no more than about half that $700.
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