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Gary Kline wrote:
> Agree 100.0%, Ted.   Long run, the inkjet will bleed you like a leech.
> My 1991 [?] DeskJet 500 was > $400, major bux.  But having bought at
> least
> two cadtrides/year until last winter.  Lowball it: $20 per cartridge.
> Well over a kilobuck.  
> I *know* what it's like to be squeezed for cash, Chuck.  It may take you
> weeks 
> of surfing for the best deal, but go laser if you can.
> At the same time, HP's patents are about to expire in the next few
> years.  Anybody 
> know when, to-the-year?

Well, having had both, the only problem I've seen in some of the Inkjets is that
 (and HP is bad at this) the ink tends to dry up and jam both the ink cart. and
(in HP's case) the printheads also.  Least so far, I haven't see this at all
with Epson.  I *have* seen that there's a thriving market in those 3rd party
inks, which are dirt-cheap, but I haven't any experience in inkjets with 3rd
party inks, only the lasers, where they do ok.

I have been looking at the Epson RX680, where it's less than $200 for all the
features (except the postscript emulation) of the Brother $700 printer (I forget
the model I liked, just remembered the list price from the Brother web page).
That's a 350% difference there, Gary.  I'm still making up my mind, but I just
don't print all that often to need a $700 unit, and I did notice that there is
just about no 3rd party market at all for the Brother units (just a huge ink
market) and they are conspicuously missing from ebay also.  Means I'm likely to
actually PAY the full 700, not even slightly true of the Epson model.

Yeah, quality is a very nice thing to have ... if I had a user report on the 3rd
party inks from someone I trusted (and it wasn't too evil) I would probagbly
jump to the Epson, it's just too darn expensive to go quality when you print
once a week.

I do need the fax & scanner features, no matter how seldom I use them, though.
Big help for someone who's disabled.

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