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Sam Fourman Jr. wrote:
>>        so what are the top few makes of LCDs out there?
> I have several (6) Samsung SyncMaster 941BW monitors
> I am very Happy with them

I'd never purchased any 19" displays.  About 5 years back, i was in the market
for 3 2-" units, and like I usually do with any major $ investments, I
investigated the applicable specs, then compared prices underneath that.

At that time, the 20" LCDs from Dell were the best buy, purchasing them from
Ebay made it also a *very* good deal.  The only problem there is, the little
group of folks selling those Dell monitors had organized several shell-games on
Ebay, running some *very* easy to fall into frauds, so you needed to be really
careful.  Twice, I ran into the game of getting dome shill to run the price of a
monitor I was interested way past what I wanted to pay, then when I let the deal
walk away from  me, the con-people wrote and tried to convince me that i'd won
the "Second chance" purchase, and that I'd obligated myself to pay the price
they'd bid it up to.

I complained to Ebay, but (as usual) Ebay was deaf about it.  It's easy to avoid
this, but you need to be aware of the scam, which is still operating today.  How
do I know? Because one of those 3 20" displays went bad on me 4 weeks ago, and I
replaced it with a 24" model.  That new model has automatic PiP, too.

I really like the Dell, both because of their outstanding contrast and
brightness, no dead pixels in any of my LCDs, and the fact that they come with
multiple interfaces which are switch selectable from the front panel.  The old
20" units had 4 jacks (RCA, S-Video, VGA, and DVI).  Really convenient.  The new
24" one, beyond being able to run native 1920X1080 for HiDef Video, it's got
about 10 different jacks.  Looks it up the web, the Dell pages describe it best,
and the contrast on that 24" has to be seen to be believed.  I actually turned
it down!
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