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> I really like the Dell, both because of their outstanding contrast and
> brightness, no dead pixels in any of my LCDs, and the fact that they come with
> multiple interfaces which are switch selectable from the front panel.  The old
> 20" units had 4 jacks (RCA, S-Video, VGA, and DVI).  Really convenient.  The 
> new
> 24" one, beyond being able to run native 1920X1080 for HiDef Video, it's got
> about 10 different jacks.  Looks it up the web, the Dell pages describe it 
> best,
> and the contrast on that 24" has to be seen to be believed.  I actually turned
> it down!

I would second the Dell's, specifically the UltraSharp line.  I have a
19" Ultrasharp as my primary monitor and a 19" Dell "Standard" as a
secondary monitor.  The Ultrasharp has DVI and VGA, a built in USB hub
and is great to look at.

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