The full answer is way easier - business with it and NO BEEPER BEEPIN at
2AM! (and on less powerful hardware even! )

On Wed, 24 Sep 2003, Jerry McAllister wrote:

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> > Hi All!!!
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> >   I think that WinXP more popular and more easy than FreeBSD. People
> >   all over the world know what is Windows but don't know what is
> >   FreeBSD. More programs is written work on Windows....
> >   Windows more comfortable in work with graph...
> >   If windows more popular and more program work on windows why do you 
> >   use FreeBSD?
> The popularity of MS-win is due to marketing and market manipulation
> first by IBM/Microsoft, then by Microsoft/IBM and now by Microsoft.
> Despite what some MS advocates say, it has little to do with the
> quality of the system
> >   I am beginner and I don't understand why a lot of people say that
> >   FreeBSD it's cool..... Why?
> FreeBSD is superior for serious computing work and as a server system.
> >   What do you prefer FreeBSD or Windows???
> Generally FreeBSD for almost everything, but I am stuck with MS
> for some things and so I use it too, but with ever present fear
> of getting trashed by the latest defect.
> >   This mailing list is dedicated to FreeBSD. I know that users of
> >   FreeBSD more than users of Windows....
> >   Please try understand me correctly. Thanks for any answer!
> There are dozens, probably hundreds, of postings and articles writen
> on this subject.   Try Google or some other search engine and you
> will be inundated with commentary - some of it even fairly thoughtful
> and useful amidst the emotional diatribes.  
> If you REALLY want to know the value of FreeBSD, install it and
> use it for some serious computer work such as running a network
> server or doing significant databases or numerical proessing.
> You need to use it long enough to become truely familiar and to
> get past your MS habits.   Then it will begin to dawn on you.
> So, do some Googling.
> By, the way, this sort of flame inviting post that you made is
> often seen as a post from a troll just trying to get an argument
> going.  But, I have answered as if you meanth it seriously.  So
> don't try and get a flame war going.  Instead, do some studying
> and get some experience by trying it out.
> ////jerry
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> > Best regards, Denis
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