On Wednesday 24 September 2003 02:05 pm, Denis wrote:
> Hi All!!!
>   I think that WinXP more popular and more easy than FreeBSD. People
>   all over the world know what is Windows but don't know what is
>   FreeBSD. More programs is written work on Windows....
>   Windows more comfortable in work with graph...
>   If windows more popular and more program work on windows why do you use
> FreeBSD? I am beginner and I don't understand why a lot of people say that
> FreeBSD it's cool..... Why?
>   What do you prefer FreeBSD or Windows???
>   This mailing list is dedicated to FreeBSD. I know that users of
>   FreeBSD more than users of Windows....
>   Please try understand me correctly. Thanks for any answer!


Do not value "popular" or "easy" too much.  Humans have a long standing 
history of choosing immediate gratification over more difficult options that 
would be in their best interest.  A fitting example for this month would be 
the use of Microsoft Outlook, with continues to facilitate the spread of 
computer worms and viruses.  The world has known this for some time; and yet, 
it is still very popular.

When people justify using Windows, you will note that market share and ease of 
use are usually listed first.  When people justify the use of FreeBSD, they 
tend to focus on the operating system's strengths -- not the users' 
weaknesses.  It's a different frame of mind.

We're not an exclusive bunch; but we expect you to respect your own 
intelligence.  (To other list members:  Is that a fair statement?)

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