>   I think that WinXP more popular and more easy than FreeBSD.

You need to define "easy".

>From a GUI perspective, Yes many people will find Windows XP "easy".  This
is often attributable to the fact that many of these people have been
using Windows since atleast the Windows95 days.  For these people the GUI
is familiar and they are comfortable with it.  For them this means it is

>From a maintenance and configuration perspective if find FreeBSD to be

> If windows more popular and more program work on windows why do you use
> FreeBSD?

Because Windows does not fit my needs in all situations.  Say, for
example, I need to run a DNS server.  FreeBSD fits this need very well at
a highly competative price.

> I am beginner and I don't understand why a lot of people say that
> FreeBSD it's cool..... Why?

Again.  "Cool" needs to be defined.  I find FreeBSD to be "Cool" because
it fits my (work-related) needs and I find it to be easy to maintain.

I find Windows to be "Cool" at home when I can run that new whizbang 3D
shoot-em-up game.

> What do you prefer FreeBSD or Windows???

This depends on the need (the problem) that you are using an Operating
System to solve.

I use FreeBSD for my core network services at the office.  At home on the
other hand I have a Windows XP box so that I can run the games I like to

 - Mike

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