> On Mar 8, 2004, at 10:17 AM, JJB wrote:
>> My web spider robot found this web site which is not on any of the
>> search engines yet.
>> www.a1poweruser.com
>> Looks like it offers what you want in the way of user-friendly
>> step-by-step instructions to installing FBSD.
> Please do not astroturf the FreeBSD mailing lists.
> By endorsing your own commercial site as if you had no connection with
> it, you are violating 15 U.S.C. 52, see
> http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/guides/endorse:
> "255.5 Disclosure of material connections.
> When there exists a connection between the endorser and the seller of
> the advertised product which might materially affect the weight or
> credibility of the endorsement (i.e.,  the connection is not reasonably
> expected by the audience) such connection must be fully disclosed. [
> ... ]"
> --
> -Chuck

As a relatively newcomer to these lists, I was wondering who is correct in
their ideas? The guy who introduced his nifty "spider bot" or the guy
telling us all that the other guy is breaking a law.  I don't like getting
mixed up in flamewars or even minor skirmishes, I just want to know what
the moderator thinks about this and the ethical conditions that are
Also are these kinds of posts tolerated?


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