On Mar 8, 2004, at 1:26 PM, JJB wrote:
Now just where does what you quote say anybody is endorsing
anything. It's just an pointer to something that may meet the needs of the
poster. Just like what happens hundreds of times every day in this list.

You've been advised of the law; if don't think the FTC has jurisdiction over such comments, go ask your laywer or the people from a company named Central Command, based in Ohio, who tried astroturfing comp.mail.sendmail about a product of theirs called Vexira MailArmor.

Please drop your un-professional attack and take it offline, it does
not belong here.

What are you talking about? "Please do not astroturf the FreeBSD mailing lists" constitutes a polite request in response to deceptive behavior on your part. It is not an attack, professional or otherwise.


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