On Monday 08 March 2004 12:26 pm, JJB wrote:
> Now just where does what you quote say anybody is endorsing
> anything.
> It's just an pointer to something that may meet the needs of the
> poster.
> Just like what happens hundreds of times every day in this list.
> Please drop your un-professional attack and take it offline, it does
> not belong here.

What I find amusing about this, is there is a Copywrite on this?!?! 
I have been under the impression (as I checked into this a number of years 
back) You can't Copywrite public domain material.

I also don't see any credits listed pertaining to the name FreeBSD, it's 
handbook or anything relating to BSD, it's images, and most importantly - 
posting the written permission to use Beastie (and I might add, I think it 
must be done in a not-for-profit mannor) from Kirk McKusick 

Just my .02 

Best regards,
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