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Bart Silverstrim <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

No. Nothing. Format=flowed applies solely to plain-text messages. HTML
messages already have something functionally equivalent to f=f: the
<BLOCKQUOTE> attribute, which... um... quotes blocks of text. When f=f
mailers that also can handle HTML encounter <BLOCKQUOTE> text, it’s
usually marked up with the same excerpt bars we’re familiar with from
f=f. Format=flowed isn’t actually at work there, but since
<BLOCKQUOTE> text flows nicely when you resize a window, the effect is
the same.
I've never heard of this f=f stuff and don't have time just now to
investigate, but I'll keep typing anyway.  I think the problem is
the same but worse.  f=f is probably spec'd in a new draft RFC and
many mail readers don't support it, so your correspondents on a list
list this can't handle it well.

According to the FAQ, it (f=f) was developed (IIRC) by Qualcomm to not solve any problem in particular. However, this form of formatting would allow text to be easily formatted into columns readable by any kind of simple display...i.e., PDAs and cellphones with text messaging and email, etc. and at the same time it would easily scale to larger (PC) displays with pretty formatting and proper wrapping. Older readers would just ignore the formatting characters and mangle it accordingly.

Oddly enough (if my current theory holds) where the invisible f=f formatting is inserted in an Apple app is dependent on the width of the composition window...which on my iBook really sucks because this window looks so NARROW compared to what I'm used to, hoping that other people's mail readers work a little better with reading my posts to the list. I haven't heard other people complaining as much about my mail wrapping at the 120 mark, so I'm hoping that maybe this will make it easier for others...

It shouldn't be that hard for terminal mailers to adopt f=f, if I'm understanding it properly...just be a matter of time.


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