> The problem is not in the USB subsystem. Last time I looked into
> this, the problem was that syscons was going in a terrible polling
> loop, leaving no CPU for other subsystems.
> Does the mountroot prompt work?

yep, mountroot is working. That's unfortunately too late for me to enter the 
password :) If you say USB is most likely not the problem, is there a more 
appropriate mailing list for this? -geli? -stable?

> Polling for characters during early boot is a special mode of
> operation for the UKBD driver and it might conflict if there are
> multiple threads trying to get characters from the keyboard.
> hw.usb.ukbd.debug=15
> Might give you some clues. You might need to hack this into the
> ukbd.c driver when building the kernel.

will do this and report back. Thanks.


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