Hello again,

finally I was able to "solve" my problem. The culprit was - as suspected - that
GELI uses cngets() instead of gets() since 9.1. I used the old gets() as well as
the related cngetc() and cncheckc() implementations from 9.0 and changed the
call in GELI from cngets() to gets_old(). As a result of this, I can now enter
the password at the GELI prompt again. Now, I am not sure what really causes my
problem as cngets() is not that different from gets() except for the new
cngrab() and cnungrab() calls as well as the the cpu_spinwait() in cngetc() that
wasn't present before. Perhaps cpu_spinwait() is buggy on my system? Or the
grab/ungrab things don't work correctly?

If I see it correctly, Andriy Gapon is responsible for these last changes so I
suppose it would be best to contact him directly and work out a solution?


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