Hi Michael,

In short:

-S 31,uart,stdio


-S 31,uart,/dev/nmdm0A

This will continue to work, though the preferred way of setting up a console port is to use the PCI-ISA (aka LPC) bridge

 -s N,lpc

 (N can be any slot number on bus 0, usually 1..31)

There are 2 serial ports behind the LPC bridge, com1 and com2. These can have backends assigned to them in the same way as PCI devices, but use the "-l" option for configuration since they are 'lpc' devices e.g.

 -l com1,stdio

 -l com2,/dev/nmdm9B

The advantage of using the LPC serial ports is that they will show up on the expected tty devices - com1 will be /dev/ttyu0 on FreeBSD as opposed to /dev/ttyu2 for the uart PCI device.

 So: "-S 31,uart/dev/nmdm0A" becomes "-s 31,lpc -l com1,nmdm0A"

 ... and change the guest's /etc/ttys file to set up a getty on ttyu0


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