I've been longing to upgrade my motherboard and ram, and with a tax refund it came time. The current kernel was working well enough for me, where the only ath problems were my antenna and "harmless." After upgrading, 2Gb DDR2 to 32Gb DDR3, I've yet to get ath to be stable. The only system changes were motherboard, a cheap video card, and ram. There's periods where ath will work, then packet loss grows until it's unusable. When I scan, I can find the router, and when I'm connected I get an RSSI of 10.5 after I hung the antenna over the monitor, better than before. I'm getting a lot of kernel debug logs, but when I'm looking I can't notice anything specific. I still need to dig through the logs but I probably couldn't match up the logs with what I was doing at the time.

What steps should I try to figure out why a motherboard and ram change would break the networking?
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