does downgrading the motherboard/ram fix it?

You were already running 64 bit, right? What if you just boot with 2gb of ram?


On 30 March 2013 18:04, Joshua Isom <> wrote:
> I've been longing to upgrade my motherboard and ram, and with a tax refund
> it came time.  The current kernel was working well enough for me, where the
> only ath problems were my antenna and "harmless." After upgrading, 2Gb DDR2
> to 32Gb DDR3, I've yet to get ath to be stable.  The only system changes
> were motherboard, a cheap video card, and ram.  There's periods where ath
> will work, then packet loss grows until it's unusable.  When I scan, I can
> find the router, and when I'm connected I get an RSSI of 10.5 after I hung
> the antenna over the monitor, better than before.  I'm getting a lot of
> kernel debug logs, but when I'm looking I can't notice anything specific.  I
> still need to dig through the logs but I probably couldn't match up the logs
> with what I was doing at the time.
> What steps should I try to figure out why a motherboard and ram change would
> break the networking?
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