The problem isn't contigmalloc, it's making sure that it gets bounced via the 
local 32 bits of address space right.

I'll talk with other developers and see what the deal is with 64 bit address 
space for 32 bit nics.



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On Mar 31, 2013 3:47 PM, Joshua Isom <> wrote: 

 From if_ath.c:2995:  "For some situations (eg EDMA TX completion), 

there isn't a requirement for the ath_buf entries to be allocated."

The EDMA code uses malloc, but would contigmalloc work instead?

On 3/31/2013 1:38 PM, Adrian Chadd wrote:

> On 31 March 2013 10:49, Joshua Isom <> wrote:

>> I seems someone working on the kernel's already figured out how to 
deal with

>> this.  The hw.physmem sysctl can be set at boot time, with 2Gb it 
seems to

>> be working fine.  I reinstalled all the sticks, and it's working fine 

>> the sysctl set to 2Gb.


> Ooooooo Yay! I mean, damn, that's busted. But yay, now we can narrow

> down what the problem is!


> Try bumping it to 4GB. It should be fine at that.


> If it is, please create a PR with all the above information and I'll

> start re-reviewing the DMA / buffer code to see what's going on.


> Thanks!





> Adrian


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