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> So I have been thinking about starting driver development in FreeBSD. So I
> thought about porting some drivers from linux as a starting point. It will
> mainly be for the Atheros 9271 USB chip. So any comments or ideas or tips
> are welcome :)
> --
> Pagarbiai,
> Jonas

I have MSI Z77 MPOWER motherboard with onboard AR9271 quasi-USB chip and would 
be glad to be a tester on FreeBSD-current.

Bug in re driver makes this particular version of Realtek 8111E Ethernet not 
work in FreeBSD or OpenBSD as of 5.3, but good in NetBSD-current amd64 and 

I notice NetBSD and OpenBSD have athn driver which includes AR9271.  

On how I update FreeBSD source tree with no Internet access through FreeBSD, I 
built subversion from pkgsrc on a NetBSD-current amd64 USB-stick installation, 
and use that successfully.  With GPT, NetBSD accesses FreeBSD partition with no 
problem reading disklabels.

OpenBSD, from live USB (, can't read my 
hard drive at all, due to lack of GPT support.


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