from Adrian Chadd:

> THe bit(s) i don't want to really make work mostly involve the USB
> stuff. So, if you grab the USB drivers in sys/dev/usb/wlan/ and look
> at the netbsd/openbsd athn usb code, that right there is what would be
> good to start with.
> So, if you or someone could port the initial USB glue - attach,
> detach, upload firmware, send commands, receive commands - that'll be
> a big help.

Now you make me curious why you don't want to work on the USB stuff:
you may have a good reason, but I'm still curious.

I can look through the source code even when not running NetBSD.

NetBSD is much less stable than FreeBSD on my hardware.  OpenBSD may
possibly be stabler than NetBSD but is more crippled for lack of support
for GPT and USB 3.0, meaning my running of OpenBSD is limited to live USB
from : plenty of space on sparsely
occupied 16 GB USB 2.0 stick, but X and GNOME 3.8.3 don't start.  This is
the latest version, with OpenBSD 5.4.

Earlier I had a kernel crash on FreeBSD 10-stable amd64, from just before RC1
release, preceded by trouble messages from dhclient in connection with rsu.
"make buildworld" with TARGET=i386 went through successfully about 25 minutes 
before the crash, and subsequently I completed the build and installation of
FreeBSD 10-stable i386 on 32 GB USB 3.0 stick.  I posted a message about that
kernel crash on freebsd-stable list, suspect instability in rsu driver, but 
evidence is not conclusive.  I could try to improve by 
at loader prompt to keep the failing re0 out of the way.  I once did that, and
re0 was conspicuous by its absence from /var/run/dmesg.boot and from the output
of running "ifconfig" without parameters.


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