> THere are a bunch of supported 11n NICS in -HEAD and -10.
> You should buy a cheap one for now, until someone writes the
> AR7010/AR9271 driver.
> -adrian

How do I find which 11n NICs are supported, or USB wireless adapters?

It's very difficult to find in advance what the chipset is.

Now I have Hiro H50191 USB wireless adapter, chipset RTL8191SU, driver rsu.

FreeBSD-head recognized it, but I couldn't find any networks by scanning.

Now my wireless router seems to be not working.  

I now access the Internet by plugging Ethernet cable direct from computer's 
Ethernet port to cable modem.

This is good for Internet access for one computer at a time, and no wireless.

I intend to try to set up again, watchful for making correct connections.

I also just ordered and received a new TP-Link wireless router and would like 
to try that.

But I still would want to participate in the testing of AR9271 driver when it 
is ready for testing.


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