THe bit(s) i don't want to really make work mostly involve the USB
stuff. So, if you grab the USB drivers in sys/dev/usb/wlan/ and look
at the netbsd/openbsd athn usb code, that right there is what would be
good to start with.

So, if you or someone could port the initial USB glue - attach,
detach, upload firmware, send commands, receive commands - that'll be
a big help.


On 17 December 2013 02:39, Thomas Mueller <mueller6...@bellsouth.net> wrote:
>> You should buy a cheap one for now, until someone writes the
>> AR7010/AR9271 driver.
>> -adrian
> From your wiki site on wiki.freebsd.org,
> Chipsets I won't be working on
>     USB chipsets, in particular the AR7010+AR9280, AR9271 or the AR9170 
> chipset
>         although if someone would like to work on these, I'll be happy to 
> help them with it
> I've offered to help, but dang, no answer.
> Question is where I should start.  I have programmed with C and i386 
> assembler but nothing as complex as a device driver.
> I have FreeBSD and NetBSD-current source trees and can compare the athn and 
> other wireless driver parts as well as device re.
> I could also download Linux kernel sources.
> Tom
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