Is there any way of booting FreeBSD 10.x as HVM under Xen?

I've tried removing,

  options         XENHVM
  device          xenpci

From the kernel - but this just panics on boot now.

<https://wiki.freebsd.org/FreeBSD/XenNG> seems to suggest you can no longer boot 10 under Xen as HVM?

If I can't boot HVM, I can't get HVM network support (i.e. Realtek) - and I can't get that, all the VM's I have to run as HVM due to a number of xen/freebsd/network oddities can't be 10.x machines :(

This is painting those roles/systems into non-agile HVM 9.x boxes that have no upgrade path now :(

Unless there's a workaround to ditch xn and replace it with re and / or boot HVM under FreeBSD 10?

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