--On 31 July 2015 17:01 +0200 Roger Pau Monné <roger....@citrix.com> wrote:

Can you technically have a system that has HVM network (i.e. realtek)
but still has disk PV, and/or is agile? (i.e. can run xen-tools)?

Yes, this is certainly possible. IIRC I posted a patch to the
freebsd-xen mailing list in order to do that. I will try to find/refresh
it and post it again so you can try it. It might have to wait until
Monday however, since I'm quite busy today.

That'd be wonderful if you can sort that at some point - it'd be a much better work around than we currently have for a number of machines. Heck we could probably get rid of a whole pool of 'have to run non-agile HVM only' FBSD machines.

Thanks for your time,

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