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El 26/2/16 a les 16:47, Gustau Pérez ha escrit:
> El 26/02/16 a les 14:08, Roger Pau Monné ha escrit:
>> It shouldn't be too hard, as I said the code is already there. The only
>> issue I foresee is that you will have to find somewhere to store the
>> information about the disk you have locally-attached, so you can remove
>> it when the guest is destroyed.
>    I fear that keeping state externally could be dangerous if something
> fails to destroy the association between a domain and the locally
> attached storage when the guest finishes.
>    In any case, I suppose there are no restrictions on which kind of
> storage is used to track that information, right? I suppose easier to
> read, easier to edit and common formats would be better, like json or
> thing like, right?

I'm not a maintainer of libxl myself, but my first suggestion would be
to store this information inside of xenstore. There's already a "/libxl"
directory used in order to stash some toolstack specific info, adding a
new directory/hierarchy there to store the local attachments seems like
the best option IMHO.


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