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On Mon, Aug 15, 2016 at 05:54:52PM +0200, wrote:

I've got a problem.


For a customer, I run a VM in Xen that should perform a certain task in PHP
(written using the ZendFrameWork).

That task takes about 18-20 seconds on FreeBSD 10.3 amd64, MariaDB 5.5.0,
php 5.5.37 in a VM that has 8 vCPUs and 16GB of memory
The "reference" server that the customer uses is somewhere else and manages
to perform the same task in 3s.

I've tried this with FreeBSD 10.3, PHP7.0 and MariaDB 10.1 and it takes
about 9s.

In the sentence above, are you running it in a Xen VM or on bare metal?

This is both Xen.
I think the customer is also running it on some sort of virtualization.

I've tried it on physical hardware with 10.3, PHP5.5, MariaDB 5.5 and it also takes about 9s (that machine hosts a load of other sites but has lot of
cores and memory available).

Then, I've installed an Ubuntu 14 VM in XenServer. It comes with PHP5.5 and
MariaDB 5.5 by default. It's VM with 2vCPUs and 8GB RAM.

There, the script take about 9s, too (just as if it was running on physical

I'm not sure I understood your problem right, is it that FreeBSD on Xen
always takes 18-20s to perform a task while on bare metal it only takes ~9s?

Well, that in itself is not the problem.
The problem is that Linux on Xen is as fast as my bare metal (incidentally, both the physical Xen host (Dom0) and the physical server I ran the script for comparison are the same hardware).

If that's the case, I would recommend that you first try to disable PV disks
and nics, by adding the following to your /boot/loader.conf:


OK, can I still boot the VM with this or will NICs and disks show up as different devices then?

If that still yelds the same performance (or worse), then you could still
try to disable all Xen code, by removing:

options         XENHVM
device          xenpci

From you kernel config and recompiling the kernel.

I'm using stock FreeBSD 10.3.
I was under the assumption that this is the "optimal" configuration.


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