"Torvalds: (...) To me, it's largely a mentality issue. I said "good enough," and that's really telling. The BSD people (and keep in mind that I'm obviously generalizing) are often perfectionists. They hone something specific for a long time, and then they frown on anything that doesn't meet their standards of perfection. The OpenBSD single-minded focus on security is a good example.

In contrast, one of my favorite mantras is "perfect is the enemy of good," and the idea is that "good enough" is actually a lot more flexible than some idealized perfection. The world simply isn't black-and-white, and I recognize a lot of grayness. I often find black-and-white people a bit stupid, truth be told."

(retirado de http://os.newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=05/06/09/2128249)

Somos perfeccionistas??? q bom...

Se essa eh a opiniao do "fodao" do linux, entao a historia acaba onde comeca: ele proprio admite que seu sistema eh apenas "suficiente", enquanto critica a maturacao de software ao qual eh submetida o codigo *bsd.

"Sufuciente" eh uma palavra carregada de contextualidade... suficiente para quem??? (nao para mim, isso eu garanto. Desde que comecei a usar o redhat em casa eu comecei a detestar o linux...).

Nem sei exatamente o pq eu me irritei com isso que eu li. Vou voltar ao trabalho...

Ricardo Maia.

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