William Allen Simpson wrote:
> It appears that tolua++ is a dead end.  It hasn't had any fixes for
> over a year, and the version 1.0.92 doesn't compile as distributed.
> There is another coder that's been working on a successor called toluaxx,
> and has commits as recently as 2 months ago.  I'll try that tomorrow.
As I wrap my head around this junk....

Both tolua and tolua++ are actually lua programs, used lua as an external
program, running it on themselves, and then distributed the resulting C.
Clever bootstrapping.

In the past, freeciv safely ignored the *.lua files and compiled the C,
running the resulting binary program in place.

Instead, toluaxx assumes the existance of an external lua, and distributes
the *.lua (renamed from tolua++) with its own command parser.  It runs
itself interpreted.  Probably easier for developers to build and maintain.

Therefore, freeciv will require the existence of a lua main binary, as
well as the lua runtime libraries it needs to link.

So, freeciv will need --with-included-lua (like gettext), and/or an
external package.

Likewise, freeciv will need --with-included-toluaxx, as toluaxx might be
an external package, too.

OK, I kinda-sorta understand the build requirements.  Where should the
standalone "included-lua" binary reside?  Remember, it will be built
*prior* to building toluaxx and/or cross-compiling, it cannot be in the
lua/src directory.

In bootstrap?

Finally, could somebody explain why lua is important?  It's hardly used!

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