On Mon, 18 Jun 2007, William Allen Simpson wrote:
> Unfortunately, tolua++ doesn't seem to be widely available as an external
> package.

It is in the Fedora 7 repository, at least.

> However, I checked my current favorite platforms (MacPorts, NetBSD pkgsrc,
> debian, Ubuntu), and all of them have lua 5.1.2 as packages.  I'm thinking
> that maybe the way to go with lua is the same as gettext -- change to a
> build option, but allow an up-to-date external library for most folks.

Isn't that the worst of both worlds? You get the hassle of updating your 
internal lua, *and* the problems reported of getting (the right version 
of) external lua to play ball on all kinds of distributions and setups?

BTW, the sources need some changes to work with new lua and tolua 
versions, as you can see in r12995-9, and I am not sure if those changes 
are compatible with older lua versions.

   - Per

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