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Sorry, it seems I didn't give enough info to reproduce the bug. The only
thing you have to get is to select at least 2 units and be sure one
cannot do the move the other can do.

In this example, you need 2 engineers or more (or explorers, if you move
one on the other island). One of this unit is on a island, the other is
on the second island. There are land unit, so, if you select them both
(and not one by one), and you attempt to go in a destination, you will
get this crash.

1 - Select many land units on 2 island (with Y).
2 - Press G, then you can look at few tiles in the 2 islands to see the
cursor is not the same in the both island (whereas the moves are the
same, 1 unit in each side).
3 - Try to move (the both units) first on a island, and try the second.
One won't make any move, whereas one unit can do the move. The other
will crash.

Ask me more if you don't get this crash again.

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