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Pepeto _ wrote:
> In this example, you need 2 engineers or more (or explorers, if you move
> one on the other island). One of this unit is on a island, the other is
> on the second island. There are land unit, so, if you select them both
> (and not one by one), and you attempt to go in a destination, you will
> get this crash.
> 1 - Select many land units on 2 island (with Y).

OK, I'm beginning to see where this is crazy.  Two islands?!?!

What client are you using?  This is S2_1?

GTK2 'y' or 'Y' does not select units in multiple tiles.  It selects the
same unit from among units in a stack on a single tile....

I am able to select multiple units on multiple islands with a box
(command drag).  It gets the ship in the middle, too.

> 2 - Press G, then you can look at few tiles in the 2 islands to see the
> cursor is not the same in the both island (whereas the moves are the
> same, 1 unit in each side).

Yes, that's true.  On one island, the cursor is 'forbidden', the other
displays the destination.

So, the real problem is that G is "valid" when units are selected from
multiple tiles!

There's a terrible interaction with the tilespec.c code, where it assumes
that there is only one active goto path at a time.  Your patch does not
fix the problem, just papers it over....

To make this work, assuming arguendo that this is even a desirable
feature, you need to draw a bunch of converging lines to the goto point.

This needs serious re-design.  It is not a show-stopper for 2.1beta, as
it is a bug that requires deliberate and unlikely craziness.

> 3 - Try to move (the both units) first on a island, and try the second.
> One won't make any move, whereas one unit can do the move. The other
> will crash.
Sorry, no crash in GTK2 on a G5 iMac.  The one unit does the move.  The
others do not move.

However, based on the other report, there must be a problem when a unit
is sent to an illegal destination.  That's worth fixing someday.

This problem appears to be overloading the semantics of is_goto_valid,
and is_active.  Adding another goto_tile semantic is just wrong, and
probably introduces other problematic side-effects!

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