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On Thu, 30 Aug 2007 Marko Lindqvist wrote:
> On 31/08/2007, Egor Vyscrebentsov wrote:
> > This is one of my dreams. 'all' is too much, but having more than one
> > client built by one 'make' is really what I like to have.
>  You can setup your local environment for that quite easily, using
> several buiddirs configured for different clients.

Sure, it's easy (I already use it), but it's not one 'make'... (*)

(*) Well, maybe I said wrong word. Not that I mean "one 'configure/make'",
    I mean 'one CC run on most files'. The reason why I so want it is
    in next sentence.

>  This has actually advantages compared to one builddir configured for
> several clients: configure options can differ between clients, you can
> actually make several versions of the *same* client (ftwl -client with
> different backends), you can use different compiler for some client
> (cross-compiling gui-win32).

Yes, there are many advantages in several builddirs, but we have to do
same work several times (for example, generating packets_gen.) It is
OK for x86_64, but I find it sad on old machines.

>   I just ended writing master Makefile for my system. Attached here in
> case you find it useful.
>  My setup:
>  - One sourcedir
>  - Builddir for each client, named <client>.build
>  - All buiddirs except gtk.build configured using --disable-server
>  - This Makefile goes to main directory containing those builddirs

First I thought that you have forgot something, but now I (hope)
understand it: all clients should have generated Makefiles already
(ie we already make autogen.sh/configure for each subdirectory.)
This is good for compile testing, so thank you.
But... That will give us as many CC starts, as many subdirs we have.

In spec you can see freeciv-common subpackage: all common files
for clients and server are going there. I thought about
something like 'make common' to compile common files once...
Dreams, dreams...

PS. Marko, may I ask you not to insert mail addresses while you answer
to maillist? Just to make spamers life harder ;)

Thanks, evyscr

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