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>I think you mean EFT_VETERAN_BUILD.

     That sounds right.

>I would try to make it shorter, though.

>I think your suggestion is great for the general manual, but here we are

>dealing with the individual unit help. The original sentence ("may become

>veteran throught training or combat") was definitely too short, but this is

>probably too much. And we have to think that this will be read by complete

>newbies. You don't want to bother them with rulesets.

    I see what you mean.  I overlooked the fact that this text is

for the unit help.

>I see your point, though. Borrowing also from Randy's, how about:


>Will be built as a veteran in certain cities (see Barracks, and Sun Tzu).

>May also become veteran if it defeats an enemy unit.


>I don't like the "certain" word, but it's a start. I think it's important to

>refer them to other parts of the manual, where they will get the full

>explanation, while keeping it short.

     Instead of "certain cities", how about

1) "cities with appropriate training facilities",

2) "properly equipped cities", or

3) "appropriately equipped cities"?


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