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Joan Creus wrote:
> I created this patch for the trunk last month. I have created now 
> another patch for the 2.1 branch. Since the string freeze seems to be 
> lifted, do you think that we could apply them?
> I am asking you because you seem to be one of the main maintainers for 
> this file.
Thank you for your patch.  The strings for 2.1 are still frozen.  Only
existing strings that proved to be untranslatable or otherwise in error
have been corrected.  This often involves tedious hand correction,
removing extra c-formatting, or adding qualifiers and TRANS comments.

This string would require new translation effort -- a simple grep and
sed won't fix them.  Now that we are starting the 2.2 beta release cycle,
I'll try to add this to 2.2/trunk promptly.

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