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On Thu, 8 Nov 2007 William Allen Simpson wrote:

> iterate players
>    iterate cities
>      set cultural influence (probably game.turn - turn_built)
>      iterate circle
>        determine distance factors
>        if factor(this) > factor(existing->source)
>          replace owner and source
> Simple.  No need to transfer ownership between closer cities.  That
> happens automatically by distance factor.  Replaces loops 1, 2 & 4.

Does this mean that there will never be other source than city?
(I can't see place for fortresses in this algorithm.)
Can influence function be scriptable?

On Thu, 8 Nov 2007 Per I. Mathisen wrote:

> I would suggest that you hunt down some of the old discussions and
> read them before embarking on this. There are lots of constraints
> involved here, and I may not remember them all.

Are they from RT time or earlier? (If first, it would be nice if there
will be META: ticket about borders (I can't find one now) with linking
to them.)

Am I right that most information about current behavior is in #13718?

> The single most important reason why I rewrote the original borders
> code and made the current one was so that it would run only on turn
> end, instead of during the turn as did the previous code. This removes
> a ton of complications, and I would strongly suggest that you do not
> change this design parameter.

Can you suggest some words to search original messages (with problems
descriptions)? Mine were ineffective and gave ~nothing...

> Another important constraint is that the border code should never take
> a tile from one player and give it to another. Once a tile is taken,
> it is *not* reassigned automatically by the borders code. You can also
> never take ownership of land underneath the feet of non-allied units.
> This removes a lot of complications that tie in with the diplomacy and
> unit rules. For example, what happens if you are in a peace treaty,
> and suddenly the borders shift underneath your carefully built
> defensive line of units?

Good question. But I'm not sure that the only answer to it is "should
never take." However, with our current diplomacy this solution seems to
be one of the best (if not the only.)

> I suggest you change these rules only with great care and careful
> consideration.

Agree, of course.

Thanks, evyscr

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