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On Thu, 8 Nov 2007 William Allen Simpson wrote:

> Egor Vyscrebentsov wrote:
> > Does this mean that there will never be other source than city?
> > (I can't see place for fortresses in this algorithm.)
> Even in the current code, the test for cities and fortresses et alia is
> in the same place.

To me the main difference (in results) of your algorithm is that it
doesn't fill all tiles (all border sources, if be more accurate.)
Current code doesn't require city to be the source of border in tile
where the fortress stays.
Maybe there can be other iterator than city, say border_sources_iterator.
(where border_source is union, for example.) [I understand that this has
its own contras.]

> > Can influence function be scriptable?
> Probably.  But since that would slow it down to a crawl, I'm not sure
> anybody would desire it.

I know that I want too much :) But what I really want is that the code
will support idea that this function _may_ become scriptable _someday_
and will not require massive rewriting when/if this day will come.

Thanks, evyscr

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