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Per I. Mathisen wrote:
> I would suggest that you hunt down some of the old discussions and
> read them before embarking on this. There are lots of constraints
> involved here, and I may not remember them all.
Thank you, as part of my research, I looked at all 300+ list messages
over the past 2 years (since I joined) with the word "border" in them.
Such as PR#13718, PR#14548, PR#14589, PR#14982, PR#15169, PR#17163, and
others that carried over....

I also examined the 467+ "->owner" [and 10 tile_get_owner] references in
70 files.  [Why, oh why, do folks not use the accessor functions?]  And
fixed them!

> The single most important reason why I rewrote the original borders
> code and made the current one was so that it would run only on turn
> end, instead of during the turn as did the previous code. This removes
> a ton of complications, and I would strongly suggest that you do not
> change this design parameter.
Wasn't planning on it, but with deterministic borders, the algorithm can
be run on loading games, and not be dependent on saving large tables.

> Another important constraint is that the border code should never take
> a tile from one player and give it to another. Once a tile is taken,
> it is *not* reassigned automatically by the borders code.

Of course, this is one of the things I've already said I disagreed.  One
of the excellent features of civ3 (for those of us who think this is more
than a shoot-em-up) is the cultural expansion of temple, library, etc.
Peaceful conversion!

And of course, civ4 rather celebrated the use of the "culture bomb"
(using special leaders).

> ... You can also
> never take ownership of land underneath the feet of non-allied units.

Seems reasonable.  A novel way of preventing border expansion, until the
units move....  Saw that in the code.

> This removes a lot of complications that tie in with the diplomacy and
> unit rules. For example, what happens if you are in a peace treaty,
> and suddenly the borders shift underneath your carefully built
> defensive line of units?
That's a feature!  In civ3, you are sent a message, and allowed a turn to
move without an implied declaration of war.

> I suggest you change these rules only with great care and careful 
> consideration.

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