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Jason Short wrote:
> The bug is simple; compress_level (and in the development version,
> compress_type) are not saved in the savegame.
This is wrong, and I strongly oppose it.  The savegame is not a
dumping ground for client settings.  Every client should save its
own user preferences, and they should not be imposed on another user.

The compress level (and type) are server settings.  They are not
playable game settings.  As you noted, they are arbitrary numbers
that could change from version to version.  The current code already
differentiates the kinds of settings.

We need savable server settings in the .civclientrc, sent to the
server as the client begins.  This is a prime example.

The problem here is the user has set the setting, and IN THE SAME
SESSION the setting is overwritten on the next load command.  This
should be easily fixable.  I'm looking.

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