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Jason Dorje Short wrote:
> Are you sure it's the same server session?

I'm sure it's the same *client* session.  I've verified the problem.

Think like a user.  Users don't care that servers are forked and reloaded,
they just see that something worked and then quit working, hidden from
view in a closed menu with no change notification.

> The compress level is no more of a client setting than the savename, 
> which is also saved in the savegame.  It is, in fact, a server setting. 
>   Having it controlled by the client is possible ....

It is, indeed, controlled by the _Game server options menu.

I'm glad this was brought to our attention.  This old and crufty code
turned out to have wrong data sent from server to client, uninitialized
variable and bad data problems, and doesn't perform according to the
documentation.  It is one of several settings with this problem.

See PR#39962 and PR#39964.

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