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Christian Knoke wrote:
> Starting a new game, I *can* set the saveturns and savename options. This is
> new and this is good. Previously, I had to do the settings just after game
> start, with a chance to forget it.
> These settings are saved. Freeciv is remembering the setting from a previous
> game. This is questionable.
There's no indicator anywhere that some "settings" are per game, and others
are permanent....  Maybe the entire mechanism needs to be divided?

As far as savename, I wish it would default to my username, but instead it's
civgame.  I'm using it to set my username, and so I liked the fact that it
now stays the same between games.

> When I change the values from within the start screen, the old values are
> used in the new game, instead of the new ones. This is a bug.
Which old values?  From the saved file?  From a saved game?  Defaults?

There's definitely a problem I've reported elsewhere that the settings
current values are sent in the settings messages, and also sent in the
game.info message.  Any time you have something stored in two places,
there's some chance they will conflict....

That's a major packet re-design issue.  I'm working on it for 2.2.

> When I log in to a remote server, these two settings are sent to the server,
> which usually reacts with an error message. The former is a bug, too.
There's no indicator anywhere that some "settings" are per server, or have
some level of access, so the client can only try and get an error message.

Again, a major packet and internal re-design issue.  Maybe someday.

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