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On 1/5/08, William Allen Simpson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> Madeline Book wrote:
> > One use for the "Save Options Now" item (in the menu "Game"
> > submenu "Options") is to save your local options (as well as CMA
> > presets, shown report columns, etc.;
> > ...).  Furthermore, it is not automatic (i.e. whenever you
> > close the dialog as you suggest) to prevent clobbering your
> > existing civclientrc (e.g. when upgrading to a newer client version).
> >
> And how frequent is that?

Frequent for developers, not so much for users. Anyway there are workarounds
like using the environment variable FREECIV_OPT to specify a different
file for saving/loading the civclientrc, so it is not that pressing an issue.

> While testing, I swap between versions all the time, and the few changes
> can be slightly annoying, but not critical.
> Anyway, you've stated a (previously undocumented) rationale, and it
> conflicts with the reporter's desire that his options always be saved as
> soon as he makes the changes.  That's what we all needed to know....
> So, here's a different idea: in addition to the Cancel and OK buttons on
> the various options/settings dialogs, add a Save button.

Yes, this is the approach we have take for the sundry setting dialogs
in warclient
(also "Reset" and "Apply" (but don't save) buttons for convenience).

> I'm not good at GTK2 programming, but it looks relatively easy.

Thankfully the API documentation for GTK2 is fairly useful, if the
library in general
can be somewhat tedious and idiosyncratic because of its c-level emulation of
c++ features and adherence to design patterns over ease of use. Still easier
than rolling your own GUI I suppose. :)

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