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Christian Knoke wrote:
> The file is .civclientrc, and saving game (=server) settings in it is
> somewhat suprising. And it is only these two that are saved AFAICS.

Yes, it's the settings that whomever running the client wants the
server to use when running the game.  Some folks like a GUI.  Not
everybody thinks that /read is a fine idea.

Nope, it's everything settable in the GTK2 options, message options, and
server options dialogs under the Game menu.  However, for the server,
only those changed from the default are saved.

Eventually, I hope to unify the code and have everything only save the
changes from defaults.

This allows us to change defaults and have things actually change -- as
opposed to the recent default change for fullscreen that requires folks
to edit their rc file by hand to fix....

> .... savename
> shouldn't be saved, because I (at least) change the game name when I start a
> new game. saveturns can be useful to save in there.
So, there's no problem, as you always change the game name.  For those of
us that just want to set it and forget it, this works, too!

> Start a new game, choose nation, change server options, *then* start game,
> then go to server options in file menue, and you see that the value you've
> previously set for the savename is not there.
Thanks, the problem may be it resends the rulesets and settings on start.
I've already cut down sending rulesets from 3 to 2 times, and settings
from 4 to 3 times.  (PR#39578, PR#39579, PR#39956, PR#39960, and others)
More will have to wait until further packet and game state restructuring.

Sorry, but it's not my fault.  If I hadn't had to spend so much time
fixing serious UI bugs in 2.1, then 2.2 would be ready for beta.

> On a remote server, I'm usually nor allowed to set save options
Please explain exactly the mechanism that the client "knows" it's talking
to a remote server?

And how this interacts with the auth.c system?

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